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Colour White
Wattage 250 watts
Material Plastic
Product Dimensions 5D x 5W x 5H centimetres
Weight 0.1 Kilograms



  • TURN ANY APPLIANCE INTO AN AUTO-TIMED PRODUCT: Automatically time control any of your home appliances simply by installing this simple 24 hour timer device. This DEFENDER compact plug-in 24-hour timer features easy to program 15-minute segments and also has a manual override for when you don't want to use this timer plug.
  • PROTECT YOUR HOME FROM CRIMINALS WITH EASY HOME AUTOMATION: Go on holiday with "peace of mind" knowing that your home will look occupied. Using these programmable timer plugs you can always look like you're in simply by adding these plugin timer sockets to your TV & side lights and program them to turn on & off at certain times of the day. This makes will make it look like you are in.
  • EASY TO USE SIMPLY SET & FORGET: Simply set your 24 hour plug in timer then insert it into the socket and plug in your devices. Set the timer to within any 15 minute segments. The timer socket will turn on and off to whichever settings you chose automating which ever appliance or gadget you plugged in. These settings can be changed whenever you like simply by unplugging and changing the settings.
  • SAVE TIME & MONEY USING THESE ENERGY SAVER PLUGS: Plug-in Timer Sockets are a cost effective method to save time & power on your home appliances & gadgets. Your plug sockets and devices don't need to be be on 24/7. With clever programming the DEFENDER timer switch can help to SAVE money on your electricity bills by scheduling when your sockets turn on & off.
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