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Brand Integral
Style Motion Sensor - Battery Powered
Colour Transparent
Feature Energy Efficient, Motion Sensor
Material  Acrylic


  • Automatically switches on when you come within 3 meters. Automatically switches off if no movement is detected for 30 seconds
  • Operate with 3 x AAA batteries (not included). Suitable in locations that require occasional use. Place next to a reflective surface for optimum results
  • Smart, simple and slim look designed to emit a subtle and gentle illumination with an ambient backlight to the wall
  • Extra soft glow to light your way at night, helps avoid switching ON main lights and waking the rest of the family up
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About this item


Fixture form Under Cabinet, Table, Kitchen, Garage etc
Usage Indoor
Power & Plug Battery-powered, Rechargable
Features Energy Efficent, Lightweight, Multipurpose


  • 4 Cycle Modes & Rechargeable -- night mode, day mode, always on mode & off.
  • Excellent Motion Sensor -- Sliding switch in "Night mode"/"Day mode". Automatically turns on when the movement of the person within 3 meters/10 feet, 120 degrees.
  • Auto Off after 15 seconds, it turns on again as soon as human movement is detected, saving energy
  • Easy Installation -- Built-in magnet on the back of the light, wich can stick to any Iron surface itself.
  • There are included 3M magnetic strip, you can free stick it to anywhere you want. No more wiring. Very easy to install and remove.
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Brand Barrina
Shade colour White
Light source type LED
Wattage 20 watts


  • Easy Installation - With 6 hardwires, these led shop lights could be hardwire to wall switch, solving the difficult to install them
  • Extendable Design - Could connect up to 8 lights in series by 48 inches connecting cords or connectors. 
  • Wide Application - Perfect for garage, storage area, workbench, basement, home, under cabinet, office general lighting
£74.99 £93.99

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Brand Comfier
Usage Back massager,Chair massager
Power source Corded Electric
Colour Black


  • Adjustable Deep Kneading Massage: The back massager features Shiatsu rollers with 4 rotating nodes that can move up and down, mimic the massage hands, perform deep tissue massage on knots and tension muscles which brings relaxation throughout the body.
  • Soothing Heat Therapy: Help to further relax your soreness and tension. The optional heating comes from shiatsu balls that provide soothing warmth while the shiatsu balls go across your entire back, it relieves tired muscles and ease knots.
  • Customize Zone Massage: Enjoy a relaxing massage as you wish. You can choose to focus the kneading massage on certain zone of your back, including Full back, Upper back and Lower Back. 
  • Portable Chair Massager: Fit to almost any of the chairs. You can place this massage device on a recliner, sofa, couch, office chair to enjoy a therapeutic massage in the comfort of your home or office. This back massage cushion will be a perfect gift for your loved ones.
  • Vibration Seat Massager: Vibration massage on seat with 3 adjustable intensity levels, providing a comfortable mild massage for hip and thighs.
  • Perfect Gift: Gift for mom, father's day gif for father, men, friends. For any reason, if this massage chair pad does not meet your expectations, return it for full refund within 30 days.
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Feature Heat
Usage Neck massager,shoulder massager
Power source Corded Electric
Material Leather
Colour Black


  • 16 massage heads of different sizes alternate with each other to bring better massage effects.
  • The iKristin neck and shoulder massager can move freely to adapt to most parts of the body (from shoulders to feet) for full body massage.
  • Fittied with 2 Hangers, which can not only provide you with a better massage experience, but also make your hands more comfortable during use.
  • The massager is equipped with a household power adapter and a car charger.
  • Just plug in the power source and press start. It feels as flexible as a human hand.
  • You can also select heating options to provide other benefits. The massager is made of high-grade durable materials. 
  • Shlouder massager has an optional heating function. It has a 15-minute automatic shutdown function to avoid excessive use when falling asleep.
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Brand Sanitas
Usage Home, Office
Model No. SIL06
Colour White


  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: Heat lamps with infrared light can increase circulation; boosting your well-being and bringing further positive effects.
  • DEEPLY EFFECTIVE: The infrared light penetrates deep into the skin reaching muscles and joints to provide relief from pain and discomfort.
  • RELIEF FROM COLDS: Treatment with an infrared heat lamp can ease symptoms and speed your recovery from a common cold.
  • BEAUTY: Infrared light can have beneficial effects on skin texture and reduce wrinkles by increasing collagen and elastin in the dermis.
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Brand Philips
Material Plastic
Colour Black, Pink, Blue
Handle material Plastic
Operation mode Automatic


  • Large blade surface for covering a large area at once
  • Suitable for even the most delicate of garments
  • Quick, effective removal with 8800 rounds/min
  • All sized pills are able to be removed
  • Easy, mess-free disposal
£22.99 £39.99

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Colour Black
Brand AMZ Brand
Operation 3 no. of Modes


  • The Perfect Solution for getting rid of insects or pests in your home or you want to make sure you provide a safe living space for your little ones.
  • Unique Technology: made from friendly ABS plastic, which is fire-resistant and non-toxic. 3 unique intelligent working modes. Mode 2 and 3 (ultrasonic + electromagnetic wave) will change the frequency automatically to prevent pests from creating immunity to ultrasound.
  • Powerful Ultrasound Speakers: 8W power per device (16W in total) and a circuit-controlled chip that ensures a wide and stable frequency range, increasing the safety and effectiveness of the product.
  • Wide Coverage: This ultrasonic pest repeller is suitable for indoor spaces of up to 140 square meters (280 square meters in total).
£29.99 £39.99
Colour Stainless Steel,Black,Gold,Grey,White
Included Components 4 Guards, Comb, Cleaner and brush, Nail Trimmer, Cutting Scissors etc
Unit Count 1.00 count
Power Source Battery Powered
Blade Material Titanium



  • Everything You Need in One Kit: If you're looking for the complete pet grooming kit for your dog, cat or other furry friend, look no further! Premium dog grooming clippers to help you professionally groom your pets coat and nails - Including clippers, multiple guards, nail trimmers, scissors, and more
  • Low Vibration & Low Noise Clippers: Have an anxious pet? Have no fear! Pet Union's low-vibration, precision motor ensures whisper-quiet operation and a stress-free grooming experience for your little buddy.
  • Rechargeable & Cordless: Thanks to an ergonomic design & rechargeable battery, grooming with the Pet Union grooming kit for small and large dogs is a breeze for even the hardest-to-reach areas.
  • Adjustable, Safe, & Sharp Blades: Pet Union's grooming combs are contoured for the most skin-friendly grooming experience, and thanks to the Precision-cut titanium blades, there's no uncomfortable pulling at your pet's hair. Just a safe, easy and comfortable grooming experience!
  • Proven Quality: Be sure to thin a thick coat with scissors to avoid any jamming. One of the best track records and ratings history of any dog clippers for grooming on the market!
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