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Pet Type Dog
Colour Green, Orange
Size 5 l (Pack of 1)
Volume 100 Millilitres
Hair Type All
Item Weight 0.87 kg



  • PORTABLE WASHING DEVICE: A totally mobile, and compact dog washing device that can be taken anywhere. The excellent 5L storage makes this cleaning kit perfect for pretty much all occasions.
  • SILENT ACTION: With our unique design that uses water pressure rather than any type of motor, its silent action is perfect for use on dogs and horses.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: On average, the Mud Daddy can use around 90% less water than a hose pipe, and 80% less water than a jet pressure washer, making this both friendly to the environment, and a cost-effective solution.
  • MULTIPLE PURPOSES: Mud Daddy can be used for dogs, horses, pushchairs/prams, bikes, sports & walking shoes - anything that's muddy! There's really no limit to where you can use yours.
  • KEEP WATER WARM: The Mud Daddy can keep the water warm inside for up to 2½ hours, making that dreaded task of cleaning more bearable!
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