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Colour Grey
Type Mounting,
Compatibility Universal with all Brand Strollers


  • Wide range of uses: This two-in-one pram cup holder is equipped with a mobile phone holder, which can hold milk bottles and mobile phones at the same time.
  • The stroller cup holder is suitable for all kinds of baby bottles, beverage bottles and coffee cups. Compatible with Wide range of Strollers.
  • Fixed water cup: The inner container of this bottle holder has soft silicone petals, which can fix the cup in place to prevent the beverage from moving and overflowing.
  • Anti-slip design: The clip of the walker cup holder is designed with rubber pads to help lock the cup holder on the rod without moving.
  • The clip can also be rotated 360 degrees and can be adjusted to fit different sizes of rods. The adjustable diameter of the clip is 0.55-1.7 inches/1.4 cm-4.5 cm.
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About this item


Special feature Waterproof, Lightweight, Card Slots
Material Silicone, Metal


  • The case is specially developed for Apple AirTags 2021, excluding AirTags. Keychain loops closure, it is able to be worn on anything, such as: bag, hook, and keychains.
  • Silicone AirTag Case is made of high-quality liquid silicone. It's soft, lightweight, abrasion-resistant and washable. When you put the AirTags in the case, it can protect the AIR TAG all around. I
  • The silicone case comes with a stylish metal carabiner key ring. It can be turned on by pressing the switch with your hands, without hurting your hands and effortless. 
  • Exposed hole design is suitable for signal transmission. The Slim holes on the surface allow the sound to be fully released. The card slot position is accurate and won't shake. Connect your tracker to your pet's collar, wallet or key ring to monitor the location of them in real time. 
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About this item


  • Already have millions of happy global users. With the smart app, you could check your historical data of body measurements anytime and track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress. Come join us on the journey to Smart Healthy Living, and Fitness. Note: To use the tape measure with app, please open the app and tap "Circumference" on the top(beside the "Weight") to go to the body measurement screen.
  • Reading the small numbers and lines on a traditional measuring tool is difficult and may lead to inaccuracy. Equipped with a large LCD screen, our smart measuring tape gives instant measurements saving in the app and allows you to skip the hassle and avoid any error.
  • With the innovative body tape measure, you no longer need others to help while measuring. Our Easy-Lock design allows you to measure your body circumference quickly on your own.
  • Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, gaining more muscle, slimming down, or even an expecting mother-to-be, it has never been easier to track your body change trends.
  • Two measurement modes meet your needs: [Length mode] and [Body circumference mode]. The symbol "-" on the display is for length measurement and the symbol "O" is for body circumference measurement. You can long-press the [M] button to switch between the two modes. Note: The circumference measurement is 2.1cm/0.84inch longer than the length measurement, as it includes a gap between the tape head and the tape receptacle while circumference measuring for accurate results.
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