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What is festoon lighting? 5 Best Places To Hang Your String Lights

We often are asked the question, what is Festoon Lights, or what type of festoon lighting is? Many people in the lighting industry may not know these lights by name, rather they refer to them as hanging lights. These lights are also known as party lights and decorative string lights. They are strings of hanging light bulbs hung from two different structures. The word ‘festoon’ means a string, or wreath hanging from two points. When one bulb on the string goes out, it does not affect the other bulbs. You can easily maintain them just by replacing the bulb that goes down. These lights provide the perfect look in any area, as well as pairing perfectly with any theme.


Where you can use Festoon lights? 5 Best Places To Hang Your String Lights

Festoon lighting is an ambient type of lighting, which means it is used for general lighting. You can use festoon LED lights, in both indoor and outdoor spaces. These are used to decorate many places, from indoor to outdoor. Festoon lighting is most popular for parties and weddings, but can be seen in many other exterior and interior places for the home and commercial areas. It is best for adding style and a decorative lighting option, becoming a focal point. Here are five popular spots where our clients often hang their festoon lights. They consistently fall in love with the setup, and you will too!


1- Festoon Lights Inside Your Home

Add charm and warmth to your home with festoon lights. Hang them in your living room, along a hallway, or in a cosy reading corner, these lights create a magical feel and make any room look inviting and festive. These festive lights are perfect for everyday use or special occasions.

5 Creative Ways to Decorate With String Lights


You can place them in various ways:

  • Position them as ceiling lights, on walls, or pillars in the room's corners.
  • Hang the string lights in the centre of the wall to create a romantic dinner atmosphere.
  • Place them along the sides of wall spindles for a fairy-like effect.

2- Festoon Lighting In the Garden

Create a magical environment with festoon lights in your garden, perfect for adding a warm and enchanting ambience to your garden.. These versatile lights can be used in various creative ways to enhance the beauty and functionality of your garden. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Drape festoon lights between trees to create a canopy of light.
  • String them along a fence or garden wall for a warm, inviting glow.
  • Hang them above a patio or seating area to illuminate outdoor gatherings.
  • Wrap them around pergolas or trellises for a magical, fairy-tale effect.

3- String Lights in Commercial Settings

Create a welcoming atmosphere for your office, cafe, restaurant, bar, and other outdoor areas with LED outdoor festoon lights. These lights are an affordable and effective way to add color and illumination to any commercial space. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, you can find them enhancing cafes, restaurants, bars, streets, and various other venues.

Hang LED festoon lights above the bar or on the ceiling to create a warm and festive ambience. Attach the light strings to the edges of buildings, trees, or tree branches to enhance the surroundings. You can also place LED festoon lights on various objects to add a charming touch to your commercial space.


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4- The Perfect Lighting Design at Your Wedding

Create a dreamy and enchanting atmosphere at your wedding with festoon lights. These versatile lights add a touch of magic and warmth to any wedding setting. Here are a few ideas for incorporating festoon lights into your special day:

  1. Drape festoon lights above the reception area to create a romantic canopy of light.
  2. String them along the edges of the dance floor for a festive and inviting glow.
  3. Hang them around the entrance or along pathways to guide guests with a soft, welcoming light.
  4. Wrap them around trees or outdoor structures to enhance the natural beauty of your venue.

5- Set the Mood at Parties & Events

Enhance the atmosphere at your parties and events with festoon lights. These versatile and stylish lights can create a warm and inviting ambience that elevates any celebration. Here are a few ideas for using festoon lights to set the perfect mood:

  1. Drape festoon lights above the main gathering area to create a festive canopy of light.
  2. String them along fences or walls to outline your space with a welcoming glow.
  3. Hang them around outdoor seating areas to ensure your guests are comfortably illuminated.
  4. Wrap them around trees or pergolas to add a touch of magic and charm to your event.


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Styles Of Festive Lights

Festoon lights are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for complementing any type of decor. Whether you need weatherproof options for outdoor use or traditional styles for indoor settings, there's a variety to choose from. For businesses requiring heavy-duty commercial festoon lighting, specialized options are also available. You can opt for festoon lights with either LED or incandescent bulbs, each offering a variety of choices to suit your style and practical needs.

  • Different colored bulbs
  • Globe shaped bulbs
  • Dimmable bulbs
  • Lantern style
  • Edison style bulbs
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