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Smart lighting products are those which can controlled through mobile phones, voice commands or remote. Instead of unconventional lights switch or dimmer. If you are not at home and left the lights on, then with smart home lights, you will never need to worry, because you can control these lights from anywhere. Smart LED lights can do more than just switch or dim, you can set the timer functions that switch your lights without you even having to be there. All smart home light systems work differently, some can work independently while other requires a control panel. If you want to convert your normal home lights into smart lights, then simply replace regular fittings, bulbs and switches, with smart light switches. 

Saves Energy With Smart LED Lighting System

Smart LED lights save more energy than traditional lighting systems because these lights use LED technology. So if you are still using Incansident bulbs in your home then replace them with the latest LED technology, and save much more on electricity bills. Most smart lights like downlights and smart strip lights have dimmable features which means that you can control brightness, in this way, you can save energy and reduce bills. If you are looking for smart lights for the kitchen then check out our LED strip lights for kitchen cabinets, these cool white lights provide a bright environment. 

Best Smart Outdoor Lighting & Smart Garden Lighting

Smart home lighting systems allow you to control your patio, and outside lights from your room with a single click. You can connect them to the internet, and easily control them from where you are. Smart Outdoor lighting is the best way to increase the safety of your home. When choosing outdoor smart lighting must consider, some important features like PIR, motion sensor solar lights, or dimmable. With considering feature also check the place where you want to install the lights. This is the most important step to consider which we mostly neglect. Smart Garden lights are used to highlight your important places like flowerbeds, pathways etc. 

At Dickens Direct you can find a wide range of smart indoor/outdoor lighting products to choose from, so you can find the perfect solution for your home. Not interested in smart lights? We also have a large collection of outdoor lighting without smart functionalities. If you have any questions about our products or need help choosing the right set of smart outdoor lights, our team will be happy to help. Contact our customer support team for more information and guidance.

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